Digital Tbilisi Festival

The project “Digital Tbilisi” inspired by the French festival “Scopitone” (Nantes, France) dedicated to digital arts and electronic cultures is the declination of the latter adapted to scenes of Georgian art. Both teams worked together on the design and construction this first edition. Scopitone is a transdisciplinary festival that has been held every year for 18 years. It combines electronic music, digital arts, performances and new writings. It is an international event attended by dozens of international professional artists each year and nearly 50,000 visitors.


The aim of the festival is to work with french and international artists from the Scopitone network and Georgian artists to create productions in collaboration with the international scenes of digital art. In parallel, Digital Tbilisi will become from year to year an attractive center to promote multicultural artistic exchanges and will propose innovative experiences around new technologies


Photo:©Nino Bjalava